Friday, August 3, 2012

Coconut Macroons

I have always wanted to make these, but it took me a long time to finally get around to it. I used the recipe off the back of a bag of Baker's sweetened, shredded coconut.  The recipe is very simple to put together. If I visit our hometown in the Fall,  I am going to make sure to take some of these to my Mom. She told me she really likes coconut macaroons.  The Castles and Carriages blog has a great ideas of adding almonds to the cookie so it tastes like an Almond Joy when the bottoms are dipped in chocolate. You can't go wrong there!

Coconut Macaroons From: Baker's

1 14 ounce package of sweetened, flaked coconut
 2/3 cup sugar
6 tablespoons of flour
1/4 teaspoon of salt
4 egg whites
1 teaspoon of almond extract (or use vanilla instead)

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.  Mix all of the ingredients together and drop tablespoon sized mounds on to parchment lined cookie sheets. Bake for about 20 minutes. Cool and dip bottoms or drizzle the tops with melted semi sweet baking chocolate or chips. This makes about 3 dozen cookies.


  1. These look tasty! I'd never thought of adding almonds but that sounds amazing!

  2. They look bakery quality! I'll have to try your recipe. Have you ever made macaroons with condensed milk? They're surprisingly good. The condensed milk browns a little and tastes like dulce de leche.

  3. Hannah-I just made these with the almonds and the chocolate today. They are almost gone. They are so good!

    Anna-I haven't tried the sweetened condensed milk recipe, but the taste of dulce de leche added to something is never a bad thing!